Great News!

OUB has NEW PLANS for Summer Camps 2016!

OUB is excited to announce a new approach to summer camps for children who are blind or visually impaired in 2016!

A registration fee of $25 per family is the only fee required. OUB is not charging a tuition fee for camps, making OUB camps almost FREE.

Only 6 campers will be accepted at each camp on a first-come, first-served basis. This ensures your child gets the VERY BEST OUB has to offer! To reserve your child’s spot, you must send in your $25 non-refundable registration fee with your camp registration form, available in January online at www.oubmichigan.org.

OUB Summer Camps will be held at Camp Optimist on the west side of Grand Rapids, MI easily accessed off Lake Michigan Drive (M-45).

OUB Summer Camps are all about fun and education, where kids learn new skills in a supportive, encouraging environment that will help them become more independent, and have fun doing many traditional camp activities, such as cooking over a campfire, swimming and playing all sorts of games!

Each camper will have a concentrated individualized program tailored to his or her specific needs, in order to learn new or advanced skills of blindness. This includes specific skills needed for children with low vision.

Each family and camper will have direct input into determining their individualized program and help choose what skills they want to learn.

Each camper will learn to make the most of their senses, whether it be their remaining vision, or touch, smell, hearing or taste.

Almost everyone loves good food, but cooking is one of the most difficult independence skills to learn, requiring a lot of repetition. Each camper will have the opportunity to learn basic cooking skills every day of camp, including outdoor cooking. Cookin’ and Jammin’ camp will include more even more cooking, individual instruction and practice as well as fabulous music and music instruction from skilled musicians!

Over half of our staff are young adults who are blind or visually impaired. They are the best role models for your children!

Gwen Botting, former Michigan Parents of Children with Visual Impairments president and current MPVI board member, and mother of a successful college senior who is blind, will be Camp Director, Cooking and Gardening Instructor, and Camp Cook! She is dedicated to ensuring your child has a high quality, successful camp experience!

Choose from these exciting camps!
June 19-24 Elementary Camp (ages 7-12)
June 26-July 1 Cookin’ and Jammin’ Camp (Culinary and Music Camp) (ages 7-14)
July 5- 10 Service Leadership Camp (ages 12-19)
July 13-19 Adventure Trip 2016 (ages 14-19)

Elementary Camp – basic camp, tons of fun, with a smattering of everything in the Expanded Core Curriculum thrown in – talent show, cooking, gardening, social skills, the works. Everyone helps with meals every day!

Cookin’ and Jammin’ Camp – music and cooking camp, everyone cooks every day! New and exciting dishes from many different cultures! Music participation and instruction from skilled musicians and a lots of fun!

Service Leadership Camp – For older campers – service learning projects in Grand Rapids and leadership camp, including presentations from adults who are blind or visually impaired and are successful business persons. This is about learning to give, and to counter-act the bullying and neglect that some, or many, of our kids face daily in school (just left on the sidelines of activities).

Adventure Trip 2016 – Currently planning a canoe trip on the Inland Waterway near Indian River. Plans are STILL TENTATIVE.

OUB knows that teachers usually do not have the time or facilities to teach important skills of independence like cooking, how to do simple repairs, carrying groceries while using a cane, and cleaning. Families often do not know how to teach their child who is blind or has low vision these critical tasks. OUB stands in the gap, giving kids experience with healthy activities that help them grow in skill and self-confidence!
Children who are blind or visually impaired generally need much more practice to become proficient at a skill. Camp provides some of that practice in a “you can do it!” atmosphere!

For more information on OUB Camps, contact Gwen Botting at:
989-855-2430 or 616-755-2221
Visit our website at www.oubmichigan.org.


Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind’s mission: building life skills, self-confidence and independence for children and young adults who are blind or have low vision.

Achieving our Mission
“I learned a lot this year from OUB summer camps such as cooking and O&M skills and I loved all the staff! I can’t wait for next summer,” camper Makahi, age 13
“Learning to adapt to different situations and having fun at the same time was one of my highlights from OUB’s camps this summer,” camper Makahi, age 13
“This summer at camp when I was assigned to be the leader for different things, I learned that I’m a good leader but have more leadership skills to learn. I’m glad OUB staff made me lead,” camper Makahi, age 13

“Before I went to camp I wanted to be a gymnast and after camp I wanted to be a counselor to help others like me,” camper Yazmine, age 11
“Attending OUB’s Camps this summer, I learned that every person has different eye sight and I should be happy with the vision I have and learn the skills that will help me to be independent,” camper Yazmine, age 11

“With OUB staff giving me the opportunity this summer to help cook for everyone, I learned that I love cooking for large groups and learned that I’m a good leader. Thanks OUB, for giving me the opportunity to help cook,” camper Junior, age 15

“Sleeping in tents this summer was awesome! It was my first time sleeping in tent. Thanks OUB for all you do,” camper Sydney, age 12
“Thanks OUB for teaching me how to make campfire and cook. Now when my family go camping I’ll make the campfire for my family,” camper Sydney, age 12

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“I had a lot of fun at camp. The campers and staff were lively and brought a fun and enjoying atmosphere. The activities that we did were also very cool. A lot of the activities that we were doing were things I’ve never done. It was fun to try new things and meet knew people. I’d love to go back again sometime” said camper Nicole.
“Adventure Camp was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life,” said counselor Mark Hymes.

“I had a wonderful time in summer adventure camp. I learned new skills and experiences that I’ve never done before. It was great experience I loved it, now I feel more comfortable.
Thank you so much for having this camp. I’m so happy that I came to this camp and have new experiences, I also had a great time with the campers and counselors,” said camper Khan A.