Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind’s mission: building life skills, self-confidence and independence for children and young adults who are blind or have low vision.

Achieving our Mission
“I learned a lot this year from OUB summer camps such as cooking and O&M skills and I loved all the staff! I can’t wait for next summer,” camper Makahi, age 13
“Learning to adapt to different situations and having fun at the same time was one of my highlights from OUB’s camps this summer,” camper Makahi, age 13
“This summer at camp when I was assigned to be the leader for different things, I learned that I’m a good leader but have more leadership skills to learn. I’m glad OUB staff made me lead,” camper Makahi, age 13

“Before I went to camp I wanted to be a gymnast and after camp I wanted to be a counselor to help others like me,” camper Yazmine, age 11
“Attending OUB’s Camps this summer, I learned that every person has different eye sight and I should be happy with the vision I have and learn the skills that will help me to be independent,” camper Yazmine, age 11

“With OUB staff giving me the opportunity this summer to help cook for everyone, I learned that I love cooking for large groups and learned that I’m a good leader. Thanks OUB, for giving me the opportunity to help cook,” camper Junior, age 15

“Sleeping in tents this summer was awesome! It was my first time sleeping in tent. Thanks OUB for all you do,” camper Sydney, age 12
“Thanks OUB for teaching me how to make campfire and cook. Now when my family go camping I’ll make the campfire for my family,” camper Sydney, age 12

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“I had a lot of fun at camp. The campers and staff were lively and brought a fun and enjoying atmosphere. The activities that we did were also very cool. A lot of the activities that we were doing were things I’ve never done. It was fun to try new things and meet knew people. I’d love to go back again sometime” said camper Nicole.
“Adventure Camp was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life,” said counselor Mark Hymes.

“I had a wonderful time in summer adventure camp. I learned new skills and experiences that I’ve never done before. It was great experience I loved it, now I feel more comfortable.
Thank you so much for having this camp. I’m so happy that I came to this camp and have new experiences, I also had a great time with the campers and counselors,” said camper Khan A.