Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind’s mission is to enrich the quality of life of people who are blind and visually impaired through lifelong education and recreation

Hello to all of you,
My name is Theodous Drosophilus Mysterious, but I am better known as the most infamous, notorious and fascinating monster on the planet: the Braille Monster! Happy new year to all of you! It’s the New Year, so guess what???? You guess it right! It’s my birthday!!!! Guess how old am I???? You are right again!!!! Oh, yes, in this great year, I turned 21.
Okay, I need your help! So, my friends and I are going to be spending all summer celebrating my 21st birthday. We will be cooking, creating 3-D art, going to the baseball game, going to watch movies, and spending lot of time in the Windy City (yep, Chicago!) and much, much more. To learn more about my birthday party go to www.oubmichigan.org/camps-and-events-schedule
So, can you all please help me get tents so they may spend the night? It’s just $300 for tent. To help with tent for my 21st birthday party please go to www.oubmichigan.org/donation
Thank you all for your help. It’s going to be a great party. I’ll be posting pictures and videos.

Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind is proud to present their first ever
Valentine Ball
Saturday, February 7, 2015
Indian Trails Camp
O-1859 Lake Michigan Drive
Grand Rapids, MI 49534
5 PM – 9 PM
$25 per person, $40 per couple, $50 per family
Silent Auction
Price includes dinner and a photo
Proceeds to support the OUB CAMPS Scholarship Fund
For more information or to buy tickets: Call Osman Koroma at 616-710-8536 or email Osman Koroma @ osman@oubmichigan.org

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“I had a lot of fun at camp. The campers and staff were lively and brought a fun and enjoying atmosphere. The activities that we did were also very cool. A lot of the activities that we were doing were things I’ve never done. It was fun to try new things and meet knew people. I’d love to go back again sometime” said camper Nicole.
“AdventureCamp was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life,” said counselor Mark Hymes.

“I had an Awesome time at the Adventure. Camp.It was great, We camped on Beaver Island for 5 days then we camped by Lake Charlevoix and we did stuff from rock climbing to holding snakes.I would say my of my favorite part was either the white water rafting trip (which involved a lot of ducking branches), or when we slept on the beach (with our mosquito friends) on Beaver Island.

The counselors and campers there were awesome, fun and very friendly.

All in all it was one of the best parts of the summer, and I can’t wait until next year,” said camper Yang H.

“I had a wonderful time in summer adventure camp. I learned new skills and experiences that I’ve never done before. It was great experience I loved it, now I feel more comfortable.
Thank you so much for having this camp. I’m so happy that I came to this camp and have new experiences, I also had a great time with the campers and counselors,” said camper Khan A.