2018 Camp Schedule!

The OUB 2018 Camp Season is over! Check back with us next year for 2019 information! To stay up-to-date, like our Facebook page!


 All camps are held or begin at Camp Optimist on the west side of Grand Rapids, MI at 10324 Lovers Lane. All camps except for the Adventure Trip begin at 3 pm on the starting day, and end at 10 am on the closing day.


The total cost for any camp is only the $25 registration fee per family.  All other costs are covered by donations and grants.  OUB is supported by the Kalamazoo Community Foundation, Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Lions Clubs of Michigan, The Campbell Group, Alticor, Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Michigan Project Learning Tree, First Presbyterian Church of Lansing, Michigan, and many other donors who believe in what we do!

Campers, staff, and volunteers stop for a break on a large rock in Turkey Run State Park.

All OUB Camps include learning skills of independence. To learn more visit our Independent Living Skills page.

Cookin’ and Servin’ Camp- This camp combines our most popular activity – cooking! – with serving the community. Our kids rarely get the opportunity to help others, and helping others is a critical component of building confidence and competence.  Cookin’ and Servin’ Camp will include specially adapted cooking every day, service opportunities, and the usual camp activities of campfires, hiking, nature, crafts, swimming, boating and more

Cookin’ and Jammin’ Camp- By far our most popular camp for several years running, Cookin’ and Jammin’ Camp (cooking and music!)  gives our campers a more extensive experience in the world of food, and tons of fun listening to, playing and creating music.  A wide range of culinary and musical genre’s will be explored, and also all the usual fun of swimming, boating, hiking and much more!

Elementary Mini-Camp I- This camp, beginning on Sunday and ending in the morning of July 4th, is the perfect camp for beginners!  This is what you would expect of any summer camp – swimming, boating, nature, arts and crafts, rock climbing, field trips, plus cooking, social skills, self-reliance boosting activities and lots of fun activities!

Elementary Mini-Camp II- This camp, beginning on the Thursday following July 4th and ending on Sunday afternoon, like it’s sister camp Elementary I, is great for the younger camper or anyone who has not been away from home before.  There will be plenty of fun to go around and lots of skill building, field trips, and other exciting opportunities!

Adventure Trip 2018- We’re going back to the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan for our great Adventure Trip 2018!  We’ll visit the Pictured Rocks area, Seney National Wildlife Refuge, see – and touch! – a shipwreck right on the beach of Lake Superior and a lighthouse, looking for waterfalls, hiking, boating, and looking for all things nature while camping, cooking outdoors, and having a great time together.  It’s like a giant family camping trip with all your friends!  Some younger campers may be accepted by permission of the Camp Director.  It’s going to be AMAZING!  Don’t miss it!

How do I sign my child up for one of OUB’s fabulous camps?

  • A registration fee of $25 per family is the only fee required. OUB is not charging a tuition fee for camps, making OUB camps almost FREE.
  • Only 6 campers will be accepted at each camp on a first-come, first-served basis. This ensures your child gets the VERY BEST OUB has to offer! To reserve your child’s spot, you must send in your $25 non-refundable registration fee with your camp registration form.
  • Please see our Registration Page for the form and more information.


Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind is a private non-profit organization that is solely dedicated to helping children and young adults who are blind or have low vision build life skills, self-confidence and independence. In 2018, the only fee for campers is a $25 per family registration fee. Parents and guardians should understand that a camp like ours, with a nearly one-to-one camper to staff ratio, is very expensive to operate. OUB would very much appreciate your willingness to attend a meeting of a supporter of OUB, such as a local Lions Club, to express in your own words how much our camps mean to your child and your family. Please contact Gwen for more information.


OUB has limited funds to assist with transportation and may be able to provide transportation to camp for your child. Your local Lions Club, Michigan Parents of Children with Visual Impairments, or other local social service club may also assist with transportation funds for your child to attend camp. You will need to contact them EARLY, as many clubs do not meet in the summer.


What else do I need to know?

  • OUB Summer Camps will be held at Camp Optimist on the west side of Grand Rapids, MI easily accessed off Lake Michigan Drive (M-45) at 10324 Lovers Lane.
  • Campers will be given the opportunity to choose a first choice and second choice camp.
  • Most camps begin on Sunday afternoon and end on Friday morning. Some transportation may be available by advance arrangement.
  • OUB Summer Camps are all about fun and education, where kids learn new skills in a supportive, encouraging environment that will help them become more independent, and have fun doing many traditional camp activities, such as cooking over a campfire, swimming and playing all sorts of games!
  • Each camper will have a concentrated individualized program tailored to his or her specific needs, in order to learn new or advanced skills of blindness. This includes specific skills needed for children with low vision.
  • Each family and camper will have direct input into determining their individualized program and help choose what skills they want to learn.
  • Each camper will learn to make the most of their senses, whether it be their remaining vision, or touch, smell, hearing or taste.
  • Almost everyone loves good food, but cooking is one of the most difficult independence skills to learn, requiring a lot of repetition. Each camper will have the opportunity to learn basic cooking skills every day of camp, including outdoor cooking. Cookin’ and Jammin’ Camp will include more even more cooking, individual instruction and practice as well as fabulous music and music instruction from skilled musicians!
  • Over half of our staff are young adults who are blind or visually impaired. They are the best role models for your children!
  • Gwen Botting, former MPVI president, current MPVI board member, and mother of a successful college graduate who is blind, will be Camp Director, Cooking and Gardening Instructor, and Camp Cook! She is dedicated to ensuring your child has a high quality, successful camp experience!


For more information on OUB Camps, contact Gwen Botting at:
989-855-2430 or 616-755-2221

Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind’s mission is to building life skills, self-confidence and independence for children and young adults who are blind or have low vision.