Assistant Health Officer

Job Description


Serve as assistant health officer for a summer camp for children and youth who are blind or have low vision and/or other disabilities. Supervise health and cleanliness standards, obtain and maintain health records as required for state and accreditation agencies, assist with health screenings, administering medications, responding to emergencies, and administering first aid. This position reports to the Camp Nurse.

Specific Responsibilities

Assist the Camp Nurse with the following duties:

Obtain, maintain and ensure the security of health records on all camp staff, campers and extended-stay volunteers, maintaining confidentiality of protected health information.

Perform intake health screens for campers and staff and for trips

Collect, organize and ensure the security of all camper, staff and volunteer medications

Administer all medications to campers, staff and extended-stay volunteers

Establish and maintain medication records, accident/incident reports, manage and safeguard medications, provide for proper disposal of medical waste, utilize approved standing orders, routine inspections of camp areas

Maintain appropriate inventory of supplies, place orders or purchase replacements, including first aid kits in all activity areas of camp

Maintain required communications with community health care professionals

Lead staff training pertaining to camp health and safety, CPR, first aid, and universal precautions for infection control

Identify a staff person to deputize to assist with health care needs; provide training for deputy health staff.

Participate in all of staff training.

Monitor health of campers and staff

Monitor and evaluate camp procedures, conditions and facilities and suggest improvements to promote more healthful conditions

Prepare a summary and evaluation of the camp season with suggestions for improvement, including inventories and reports of camper health issues

At the end of camp season, make sure the facilities are cleaned, equipment is inventoried and stored, and other duties as assigned to close camp

Learn and follow through with safety regulations and emergency procedures

Submit all required paperwork on time.

NO SMOKING, USE OF ALCOHOL, or ILLEGAL DRUGS is permitted during summer employment with Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind


Certification as a Camp Medical Officer or willingness to obtain certification. (at OUB’s expense)

Current CPR and first aid certificates

Experience with children and youth preferred

Excellent organizational, interpersonal, written and oral communication skills

Ability to use basic computer skills to maintain and submit records and reports

Flexible and creative thinker, with the ability to react quickly and appropriately to challenging situations, proactive, dependable and cooperative

Adept at working in a team environment, as well as independently

Valid driver’s license with good driving record a plus

Access to reliable vehicle at any time a plus

Willingness to use own personal computer a plus

Courteous, polite, neat in appearance, and possessing good personal hygiene

Able to maintain confidentially in all matters

Time Commitment

This is a 24-7 on-call position while camp is in session from June 5 – July 26. See camp schedule. This position may be filled as a job-share.

This job description may not list all the duties and responsibilities of the position. The employee will answer to the OUB Camp Director, and may be asked to perform other duties. OUB reserves the right to revise this job description at any time. The employee will be evaluated, in part, based upon the performance of the tasks listed in this job description.

This job description is not a contract for employment.